This post took longer than necessary to post because I was really skeptical about posting this very personal space of my feelings. But I feel that the unsaid and uncelebrated work of people around us which we take as granted must be said and celebrated. So, here it is. 

I guess I have never realized the value of money until very recently when my father was about to retire from his 40 years of long service as a University Professor. Whenever I close my eyes and think about this phase of my father’s life, only one thing occurs to me is that he has spent his entire life to make a comfortable living for all of us (my family). Although I know the fact that how much he adores his job. I have grown up seeing him surrounded by books, notes, copies, students and their endless questions. He devoted his life to his job but when I think now, I feel that he devoted his life to the wellbeing of his little family.

Neither have I asked, nor did he ever said that what are his likings and interests, but he always took care of every bit of what I wish for. Perhaps to full-fill, our interests were his only desire. I remember that he never did mind traveling in public transport or two-wheelers but till now when I am with him then we should travel in the car. Whether he had seen all the places or not, but he never stopped me to travel wherever I wanted.      He does not mind carrying a normal phone, but his daughter should carry the best. Whatever parents do, it can never be articulated, no word can justify it. At his last working day, amidst the different expressions of people, I felt only one thing that if my father would not have made those sacrifices which are uncountable, if he had not lived such disciplined and stable life about which I used to crib sometimes, would I be standing on my feet at this moment? Without every penny that he cut from his pocket, would I be standing tall and straight?

40 years of service is life, and to devote oneself in it without any complaints requires motivation and inspiration. I wonder what the motivation was, is it nature of the task (which I am sure it is) or the urge to provide his family the best life he could afford to pay!

Love & affection, sacrifices of the Parents should not be taken as granted but honored because not many people are capable of shedding their lives to full fill the interests of others. 


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They were like regular kids. Noor was in the early phase of her teenage and Jaan was still some years away from this phase. So quite natural, it was not possible that their big beautiful house could have been saved from the screams and fights of the young brigade. Nazia and Ahmad spent their day in their colleges juggling the college kids and once they return home there always was the task of convincing either Noor or Ahmad to forget the latest fight or the one which just ended. After every hour or two there was the possibility of next one. Poor Noor sometimes tried to spare her little brother and ignore him, but Jaan never left any stone unturned to instigate her sister and get beaten, obviously.

Ahmad never shouted at his kids; Nazia had to be strict with kids sometimes.

“One day, I will leave this world, then at least you would learn to live together and behave “

Kids hated this emotional torture. The moment Nazia would prepare to say “One day…..” and kids would crawl to their respective rooms.

Ahmad was perfect father for his kids, but only thing he would regret all his life that he would not be able to play football with his Jaan, whose eyes were always hoping for a champion’s shot from his father.

Ahmad met with an accident, the year Jaan was born.  Accident made one of his legs lifeless. But he never stepped back from his commitments which he made to his wife and his children. In fact he always put extra efforts to keep his beautiful family happy and fulfilled.

Everything in the family was usual and moving smoothly except few disturbances from the kids. But the world outside their house was changing terribly. Some geographical divisions which were created by the late leaders of the nation, those divisions proved to be more worthy than lives of human beings living on the same land. A war had started over the right authority of the land, didn’t matter whether anybody would remain alive to enjoy the prosperity of the land or not!


Tall and handsome Ahmad was the guardian of a very beautiful family, but changing atmosphere would make him tense sometimes. “Shall I be able to protect my family when they will enter our land ….” These visions were getting horrible day by day; the more he listened to the causalities in the nearby village, the more he entered the darker part of his vision.

People who could arrange money were leaving the place and those who could not, either resolved to protect themselves or die.

Ahmad and Nazia also arranged the money to escape the state and move to some safer zone. Children were asked to stay at home and lock their doors until Ahmad and Nazia didn’t return from college. They went to collect some official papers which could help them to fetch new jobs in new place.

Keeping the doors closed kids kept waiting for their parents, but that familiar knock on the door was never heard again.

In a matter of seconds, those innocent kids of Ahmad and Nazia turned orphans. Their parents were said to be died in bombing attack near College. Few items which were recovered from the spot were identified with Noor and in absence of any immediate relatives who could take the charge of kids, those kids became the part of thousands of kids living in the refugee camps along the coastal line. Time flew with its speed………………It is said “Time heals everything”. But some wounds do irreparable damages and even leave deep scars to remind the horrible phase.


Now Noor is used to shifting her so-called home regularly, from the last one and half years. But  Jaan has no liking towards this sudden shifting. His mind always travels to those memories from his Haveli where he was the most pampered child of his large family. But now in this large terrain, he has nothing to cherish, neither his Haveli nor that large family. Only thing he could retain after that fateful afternoon is, Noor. And he doesn’t want to let her go out of his sight. So, the 10-year-old Jaan has matured very soon. He has buried all those dreams and tantrums of a 10-year-old kid somewhere in the same Haveli where the remains of his family are buried. Somewhere in his head he has grown to an elder brother who has pledged to protect his sister at any cost.

The 15-year-old Noor and her 10-year-old brother troll around with other kids. Water is a big issue in this area because every time they have to wash their hands they have to go to the nearest hand pump. Devoid of children’s fundamental demands in their childhood, these kids only know to search for their food for at least two times a day and to keep themselves safe. In the barren land, hopes of Noor are still alive that she deserves a much better life and capable of providing the same to her brother. She is learning photography through a volunteer driven organization and she is extremely good at it. Photographs clicked by Noor have also been published at an online website through the guidelines and support provided by the volunteers. Against all the odds, she is hopeful for their future.

And one day against the promise which the brother and sister made to each other, Noor can’t protect herself and fell into the hands of some monsters. She cried like anything, she knows that her kiddo brother would fail to save her but other than Jaan she could not recall anything else in her consciousness.

Jaan has been looking for her sister for an hour. Tears have rolled out of his eyes. Cursing and praying to Lord, suddenly he heard her voice. Jaan is a kid but grown up and responsible kid. He has understood that his little body isn’t enough to protect her sister, so immediately he called upon his neighbors to their mercy. Noor has been rescued but with some injuries. Brother and sister thanked their saviors and silently moved from there.

Black clouds have covered the sky and children are dancing with joy that they will dance in the expected rainfall. It is a big change from their usual boredom.

Along the lake Noor and Jaan are sitting with dried tears upon their cheeks. Perhaps both are travelling in their own world of imaginations. Imaginations which have crossed all the boundaries of God’s restrictions and reaches to Ahmad and Nazia. Ever since Nazia and Ahmad have left the world, travelling in the world of imaginations where the presence of their father and mother is unrestricted, is their favorite escape route to pamper their little hearts and gain the courage to live again.

Jaan comes out of his dreams when droplets of rain fell through his eyes, upon his checks. But Noor was still lost.


After a long hour of silence, Jaan spoke.


Didi, why this has happened? What had we done? What Maa and Baba had done? “

I don’t know…why?

You have all the answers in this world. Tell me!!!

What shall I tell you?  Please go away.

Didi, please tell me something that soothes my heart. I can’t survive with this pain.

 (Noor can’t withstand with this sentence.)

“You know Jaan, when you were a little kid, you never paid any attention to me. Never!           You used to fight with me like a warrior. Infact, we both were least tolerant of each other. Sometimes Maa turned so furious while handling idiots like us. Probably, this is the reason we are left alone to learn to love each other and take care of each other. Maa and Baba needed rest so they have been taken away by god and granted all the happiness and blessings. Anyway, what do you feel?  Its better that they have been taken away by lord, if they could have survived they would die every breathe, watching us in this condition. “

“Hmm…Didi you are right, it’s better that they are not here to watch us running for food. And Baba could not have even run for food, and what would have happened to Maa! They didn’t deserve this forever suffering. This is written for us, but I only pray to God that you remain with me, forever. Now I have learnt to love you and respect you.”

“Please do not separate us, I am not a bad boy”. Jaan is sobbing in front of Noor with his folded hands and closed eyes. She takes her brother in her arms and promises to remain by his side, forever.


I don’t know how longer such brother and sister who promised to be with each other survive in the barren land. But nobody deserves this day when a sister has to justify the death of their parents to her younger brother to protect him and keep his trust alive in God.

This piece of writing just came out of my own imagination, recollecting the reflections of events around the world. I always pray and hope that reflections should never appear again because it is very painful to document. I always wish that this should never be the truth of anyone’s life, but I don’t know how many brothers and sisters are experiencing this horrible phase all over the globe. Because we are living in a world where the value of human breath is much cheaper in comparison to land which is meant to be lived upon.

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Elephanta Caves: Stories carved on Rocks


The magnificent and giant structures of Elephanta always give me a push to know a little more about this place. Every time, the jaw-dropping magnificence of the structures leave me awestruck. The unquestionable devotion and the unbeatable efforts by human beings to construct this masterpiece must be cherished.

While visiting this heritage, it is always better to take the help of a well-known guide. Else the majority of the things would be missed out which deserved to be known. We took the help of one of a well-aware Guide who was actually eager enough to show us Lord Shiva Temple. So, Elephanta is actually a Shaiva temple which is almost 1300 years old. The literature of the place can always be found on Wikipedia but what could not be figured out on literature are different versions of the mythological stories which are carved out on the stones and rocks. According…

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Elephanta Caves: Stories carved on Rocks

The magnificent and giant structures of Elephanta always give me a push to know a little more about this place. Every time, the jaw-dropping magnificence of the structures leave me awestruck. The unquestionable devotion and the unbeatable efforts by human beings to construct this masterpiece must be cherished.

While visiting this heritage, it is always better to take the help of a well-known guide. Else the majority of the things would be missed out which deserved to be known. We took the help of one of a well-aware Guide who was actually eager enough to show us Lord Shiva Temple. So, Elephanta is actually a Shaiva temple which is almost 1300 years old. The literature of the place can always be found on Wikipedia but what could not be figured out on literature are different versions of the mythological stories which are carved out on the stones and rocks. According to me, not even a single detail has been missed. The architects have given their whole to give justifications to every God, Demi-God, Humans, animals, and everything involved in that story plot. From Lord Shiva himself to the demon at his feet, everything has been carved out differently on the rocks.

Its a sheer devotion of the architects to create this masterpiece just out of chisel and hammer as there were no proper tools available some thousands of years back. Lets a take a glimpse of those stories carved on the rocks in the islands of Gharapuri.


Tridev – Symbolizes the Creation, Maintenance and Destruction !
1200 years old Paint on Ignis Rocks
Shiva and Parvati playing the game of Chausar
Shiva in Yoga Mudra
Nataraja – The Lord of Dance
The marriage of Shiva and Shakti
Bhagirath and Brahma for the reincarnation of Mother Ganga at Earth


Even some 1300 years later , the beauty and revealing magnanimity of the structure is intact.  Perhaps, this brought it to the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.










Why is that so, we consider our nation as somebody else but not us, not me? I feel very amusing rather inquisitive when people make the remark “We as Indians are used to …….”. And this blank can be filled with many remarks like Bargaining, breaking traffic signals, theft, looking for inexpensive things, quantity but not quality and almost everything which is considered not so civilized. I wonder if the same tendency changes when they travel to any other wonderland where people don’t bargain or don’t buy inexpensive things. “We as Indians are used to break the traffic signals, litter on the road” but the same Indian is very close to the rulebook in another part of the Planet. I don’t understand this isolation which makes us so individualistic, that we feel the country where we live does not belong to us. Any Country is just a geographical land, but the inhabitants constitute the integrity of the nation. We live in the same land and fill it with our breath, but everything seems inappropriate with the same land. Bargaining is beyond the class in India but running all over the streets in another nation during Black Friday sale is total class. Human behavior that is acceptable in far corners of the planet is merely disgusting in India, for certain Indians themselves.

“It is not what we have that will make us a great nation; it is the way in which we use it.” This is a sense which can only be felt and experienced. I just want to share very beautiful lines from one of my favorite books which resonate with me, ” We may not be the richest or the best country in the world, but we have so much freedom. We can switch jobs easily or relocate to a different town or city. If nothing else, most of us have a family that will at least give us a place to stay in times of trouble. We really don’t know lucky we are until we are out of the country.”

This a very personal post where I just expressed my feelings which I get out of the connection which I share with my motherland. Right or wrong but a country which was called “Golden Bird”, if lost its worth over the years then it is the inhabitants of the land who are responsible.

Note : Image taken from google that represents the essence of this country.






More than love!

I found this beautiful piece on Social Media and I could help myself from sharing. In my last post, I shared about ” Love “, and so is this one. I believe the whole beauty is in the tenderness and compassion of the heart. A heart in love can fall in Prayer and Praise. “Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself”. In fulfilling its desires, all other desires are lost.

One of the most talked about subject “Love” has found its correct expression in the form of poem by “Gibran”.


More than Love!

This poetic stanza is one of the most amazing and purest form of definitions of love that I came across. “Love” that is no longer a bondage but crossed all the limitations. Love which cannot be denied!

Such excerpts can only be felt and shared but difficult for articulation.

The truth of ” love” will remain as it is, no matter how many centuries takes over the human race.

A Dive into the Life !

Its been a long time since I was planning to dive deep into the sea and have a close look at the World inside the blue waters of the Ocean. There are layers of water above the surface and so there are layers of water beneath the surface. And I found the hidden jewel of the Ocean beneath the surface; they are free and untouched. Its enchanting to see those little and colorful creatures wandering in their own space. Oh! Just leave them undisturbed, they are least bothered of anything (in my mind I guess). I have never seen so many colors in water life, till this date. It is vast and exquisite in its own ways.          But the most beautiful of all is the presence of silence. This silence can make us realize the feel of exhale and inhale in every breathe. Such and so that, every breathe in those few minutes could be counted. Perhaps at that time I remembered how vital is breathing (gifted things are generally taken as granted).                                                                                Floating several meters beneath the ground level, gives the feel of marine life. This marine world is eloquent and giant at the same time. It’s a precious and delicate world that could be seen, appreciated and valued but untouched (for the sake of the balance of lives).


A dive that is deep inside the Ocean is worth of everything , because I believe there are moments like this when the feeling of aliveness burst forth through us. I just wish that we should carry the same freshness and curiosity towards life , in every aspect whether big or small.

Tenderness – A gifted Quality

I found this long lost painting that was kept as it was painted , for more than a decade. This is created by my sister. There might be many technical corrections in the eyes of an expert. But whenever I see this painting, it just reminds me of her and her willingness to create something beautiful. In any creative piece there is always a scope for correction , but there could not be any parameter to measure the willingness of the person who is creating the piece. I don’t remember completely how she used to make such posters.          I only remember her childish impulsiveness to add more beauty to the piece.                  But in the last few years , ever since I started facing the dynamics of our society I appreciate her and admire her more and more for her innocence ( which is sometimes interpreted as stupidity ), commitment towards her family (trust me not an easy commitment , so  I really applaud it ), impulsive behavior ( not good sometimes because you need to be practical but I just take it as her innocence ), courage and patience              ( which I discovered very lately in her which has always been there ).

There is tendency to measure the growth and success of the person in terms of economical value one adds to the family and society. I cannot pass any remarks in general, but I have seen her, and I feel that what would be the significance of the monetary value if the strength and emotion which is binding the people together is broken.  Bank balance is useful, but the essence of the life is in the beauty which people are adding to each other’s lives. And in creating this beauty, feminine aspect holds the paramount value. When we will start respecting this natural quality of her as a blessing rather than a granted affair.

PS : I never thought what would come out of me when I started writing after getting the chance to see this painting after a long time. I guess this one is straight from my heart. This painting is a reminder to me for all the changes that a person undergoes in few years. And in one painting I saw it all for my sister.

Love ~

Don’t forget Love. It will bring all the madness you need to unfurl yourself across the universe. ~Mirabai.

This painting has always fascinated me, for its sheer intensity of love and devotion at the same time. Love that can unfurl all the madness and fire in a Human being. The presence or absence of the Beloved remains no longer necessary. And, dance automatically becomes the natural process.

Books that become Partners !

It happened after a long while that I finished any book with teary eyes. I finished reading “The forest of Enchantments” with teary eyes. Although both of them are very different in their treatments, story plots are different but somewhere the core is the same. “Love” is a topic that can be easily articulated in its depth and entirety.

“Forty rules of love” I read long back but this is one of the book that never leaves me and neither I want that it should. It seems to be a blessing to get even ten percent of the depth of the Writer’s perception which has been so effortlessly put down on a piece of paper.

Both of the them touches the topic of love at different levels but seems like the foundation is same which is very subtle and can never be put into words.It can only be exemplified.  So, somehow every time I go through the “Forest of Enchantments” I always wander through the ” Forty rules of Love”. The very essence of emotions is so beautifully portrayed, it’s fascinating to find that how every aspect is just one version of other. Love, hate, anger, compassion ; how intricately intermingled.  Difference of fine lines among them, the same coin keep flipping in different ways and the emotion changes.

I must say that more than the story plots, the treatment of the subject of ” Love” is just beauty. Why it is revered so much ,these books definitely succeeded to give a glimpse of that touch.