the lotus queen Padmini is the legendary tale of supreme beauty, love, sacrifice and tragedy. Padmavati….the divine beauty is said to be found on the lotus petal in the lotus pond of the palace of Singhal Emperor Gandharwasen ,so she is called Padmini. It is said that her beauty was celestial. Sometimes her beauty made her a fictional character among the historians referring her to a goddess. But eventually her beauty proved to be curse upon her. A tale is associated with her that Lord Agni,Lord Yama, Lord Varun send marrigae proposal to her saying that her beauty can only be deserved and protected by divine being. But it was Rawal Ratan Singh of Chittorgarh whom she chose to be her husband. It is also said that ill fate of Chittorgarh and Rani Padmini was brought about due to the curse of god upon their rejection. But these are only legendary tale to jusitfy her beauty. Padmini beacame the Queen of Chittorgarh….Rajputs who were always ready to die for thier honour.Chittorgarh was the capital of Mewar-the land of Rajputs, subsequently ruled by 55 generations, untill the tale of legendary beauty reaches to the ears of Delhi Sultan-Ala-Ud-din Khilji.The lecherous Sultan without giving a thought to the honour and decency of Rajputs, send his proposal to Rawal that he wanted to see the Queen as he consider queen to be his sister. At that very moment Chittor identified that the coming mornings of Rajputana will be colored with blood. Sultan welcomed as Athithi was allowed to have a glimpse of Rani standing near Lotus Pond,at the mirror. Stunned by her heavenly beauty, Sultan now desired her at any cost. Rawal was abducted from Chittor and price for his release was Queen.Rajputs played the same trick on Sultanate…in almost 300 palanquins, warriors moved to Delhi and vanishing the khilji’s army they released their Rawal. It was Padmini who framed out the plan in the absence of Rawal.Neither Chittor nor the royal members felt the absence of their leader. But Rajputs were ready for the final battle with Delhi.Sultan would return with his entire troop to snatch away the honour of Rajputs…but this was the land of Sisodiya clan who had produced the warriors like Rana Sanga and Rana Pratap. Even Sultan had never imagined that Mewari would dare to fight with them in the ratio of four to one.Along with Rawal and his army,commoners of Chittor wore the safforn turban upon their head and jumped into the battle for the honour of their motherland.But consequently few thousand of Rajputs were crushed under the sultanate troop.The battle is called saka where warriors fight to die for thier honour-legendary example of Rajputana’s honour. But pride of Chittor unfolded before Delhi Sultan when he moved inside the fort to posses his real gem…..but alas he could find nothing rather than her ashes……The fort covered with smoke and smell of burning human flesh, was standing straight high telling the saga of her highness. Padmini performed jauhar inside the fort protecting her honour.Thousands of women jumped behind her inside Agni who chose to die rather than sacrificing their honour. It was second year of her marriage and being the queen of Chittor, when the land of Chittor demanded the martyr of its Queen and her unborn child. Rawal never became aware of the fact that she was Carrying thier child. See the fate of the Queen..she has to hide the most special news of her life with her husband because she knew that it would make him helpless as a father and a husband and weaker as a king.Padmini chose to pay the price to motherland being the Queen of Chittor.Carrying 3 month old child in her womb, clad in her wedding attire standing before flames of fire – never such a beauty has been mentioned in history. Looking like the bride of Agni, flames of fire consumed her body as soon she jumped inside the fire…..leaving the tale of her love, beauty, honour, pride ,commitment and tragedy behind her….THE LOTUS QUEEN