I have been questioned so many times- by so many people, that why do I believe in God so much. Inferring, why do I keep fast, keep visiting various temples, pray regularly, read volumes of books on spirituality and religion, have deep interest in mythology and what not. People have fabricated their own reasons, viz. I need more from life, may be a perfect husband, a luxurious life, good fortune, or something else; for these things they say I pray.

I personally never tried to find a reason for it. It’s just that it gives me peace, some undefined support and strength. A feeling which makes me realize that someone is there with me, all the time, in my good or bad, to whom I am not bound to give any explanation, every emotion is understood even though unspoken; and I am just an independent soul.

Faith is a strong force which develops when honesty and transparency is maintained in any relation, when the same honesty is maintained towards an unknown force, whom we worship as God- in any form it may be, faith harnesses devotion; and prayer is the tool to express that devotion. It connects us to the one who gives immense strength and support. Mirabai devoted her entire life in Krishna bhakti; with just one faith that she belongs to Krishna and her lord is there at each and every step of her life. It is said, that once she was poisoned, but she survived as lord himself protected her. It has also been said that journey of her life ended when she miraculously merged with the image of Krishna in a temple at Dwarka. Well, it is a truth or a myth, no one knows, but for those who believe in the power of faith, it’s the ultimate example of devotion between a devotee and the God. 

I think, when we surrender ourselves to that universal force and keep constant faith upon it, like the one we keep on our closed ones, then that trust develops a shield around us- makes us fearless and pure. It gives us the strength to face the hardships of life. A belief without any proof and warranty becomes the strength of life.  

Different religions follow different practices to worship ‘their’ God but ultimately they all are worshiping the same universal force, responsible for creation of life on this Earth. Hindus worship the statues of God and Goddesses, constant trust and faith of countless people on the statues enforces an energy that is divine and eternal. So, faith is the single tool to infuse the divine energy into our life and to maintain honesty. A true honest bonding turns into spirituality. Spirituality, for me is not only the love and devotion towards God, but the very first thing that develops out of it, as I see, is the faith upon oneself. Any worship is unjustified with poor and ill-hearted soul. I have read (or listened) somewhere, a beautiful quote, “There is no sense in pleasing God, when you are disrespectful towards the beautiful life gifted to you”.

Life is beautiful. Not to be harsh towards it- is a necessity. All we need is to learn to love, and be happy and mild towards ourselves. Because we can never feel connected and drawn towards the beautiful creation of God until we are not connected to ourselves. So, spirituality as per me is self- assessment, and how strongly we can connect with our inner conscience. 

This bonding with the divine, is also as delicate and soft as the bonding that we share with our parents and close ones, there is no place for guilt. The feeling of being guilty towards our loved ones hollows us from inside. Similarly the same feeling works exactly the same way when we start loosing transparency to our lord and start ignoring the voice of inner conscience. Inner conscience is always said to be the voice of soul that is never incorrect, so whenever it gives a call, it should never be ignored. It is said God resides in each and everyone’s soul. So let us connect to ourselves and to wonderful world around us to experience the divine presence.

Over the ages, people have discovered numerous ways to offer the service to God and receive the blessings.   

Religious rituals, mantras, shlokas, all of them are powerful tools with immense strength and potential hidden inside them. Origin of these tools can be traced back to the age of saints, who performed strong penance for years, surrendering themselves completely to the divine energy. Of course, their years of strong faith, devotion and commitment could have unlocked a portion of infinite potential of universe; that has been transferred to this age in the form of these rituals and mantras. But I believe every ritual and mantra will spread positivity only when the same faith, honesty, patience and purity will be maintained towards it, as when it was once derived. There are many things in world which are very sacred, some defined and others not. This relationship is perhaps the most sacred and pious in universe. It has no physical and visual presence in it, but it runs far beyond life, on only one essential element ‘an undying faith’.