“Would you have ever rode in such expensive cars? Or have wore these expensive designer clothes?? Or would have even heard the name of race course where you pose as if it brings you in the same class!!Huh!! If I wouldn’t have been there you would have never even known about these world-class brands, if they exist or not…
Poor woman! Don’t you be arrogant. You are proud of what? Your appraised beauty? Or education? Or mannerism and culture? Whatever!! You should be thankful to me, that I took you out of your hills & mountains, and made you eligible to be the part of the world that exist beyond that.
And I must tell you this, very frankly, I don’t find any beauty in you. And education! Huh! you are just a master’s degree holder( I wonder, if anything exist beyond that in terms of education). What will you do? A Doctoral Degree? And how will it help? Dr. Nancy, remember it’s me who is capable of putting the world at your feet. You remember that! Understand that! Otherwise throw your degrees and much-hyped achievements in the dustbin along with your ego! And don’t you dare to speak anything against me! ”

She wondered, what did she dare. But her wounded heart denied letting her recall anything.
Their little Kid entered the room. She carried the child and went out.
“Listen! Just tell your ……” She closed her ears against whatever he said since then.

“Yes, darling I know you are hungry.” Struggling with the baby food and her uncontrollable emotions, she wondered if the knowledge of all these brands or these luxuries will make her a better wife or a mother?? If not, then why she is being humiliated by her husband after every few days. He also understands it, she thinks. Then why is he doing so? She wonders. In fact, she hardly paid any interest to these branded clothes, shoes, and other luxuries. The single thing that has always grabbed her attention was the collection of countless books kept in her father’s rack. She remembered how she was scolded for escaping her regular course books and spending the entire day mystifying herself with the thoughts of some of the greatest scholars of all time such as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Kautilya, Vivekananda, Lincoln, Karl Marx, Franklin and more and more. Philosophy, Political science and literature were always top listed in her chart. She was proud of her heritage and she was as much attached to it as a girl would have been to a mirror, at her age. But she never spared a minute extra in front of the mirror to adore herself. But the pride in her mother’s eyes, constant attention of friends upon her, compliments and comments, everything spoke to her. She remembered that everybody used to tease her  “Oh!, Your husband would never be able to run away from you because he would be caged in your beauty.”

“Mumma! Mumma! ”

“Oh! I am sorry dear! I am so sorry; so stupid of me. Yes baby, your water! How can I be so lost!”

Darling, have your afternoon nap and mumma will cook yummy yummy food once you wake up. Sleep well sweetheart”
………….. ……………………………..

She: Mom, how are you?
Mother: Very well…. What’s the matter dear?
She: Mom, I want to come back. I want to be back at my home.

Breaking a few seconds of silence…

Mother: Come, Daddy will come to pick you up.
She: No, I will manage.
Mother: Alright. Now have some tea, relax.

She: After spending 7-8 years with a person and becoming the mother of his child the person doesn’t allow you to be the part of his world, doesn’t treat you as an equal counterpart, then what is the point of being with him?
Mother: But dear, what about your child? What will you explain that innocent?
She: I don’t  know. I don’t know what the future holds. But as for now his little brain and innocent heart is capable enough to understand his mother’s pain. My child will understand me, so what if I am just an overeducated rustic women in front of his father.

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