” God’s own Country”…….

God’s own country, they call it.. And indeed it was! Beautiful land with extremely calm and composed people. The presence of those innocent smiles cannot be ignored,  ever so welcoming to a stranger on the land.

It was a long cherished desire to breathe the air of the state and yes, it was fresh and so pure. Being there for a week was a completely different experience,  yet familiar. No matter whether language was known or unknown,  a help was never denied. Some were able to express themselves and extended their support; those who were unable to express, took the help of others to help out. Amidst them, the realization occurred. That mishappening can occur anywhere and with anybody, but definitely our country is not as worse as we think.

Nature can be seen and felt in its divine form in Kerela. So it didn’t  matter what places you visit or what places you did, the only thing that you felt everywhere was the presence of serenity. Nature has always knocked me out with the beauty of its variations; hills and mountains add thrill and excitement, but the beauty of  Kerala hold you by your feet, soaks into your breath and relieves all the restlessness from your soul.

Different places, their wonderful history, architecture, and legends; everything is a matter of quest for a traveler. But sometimes the strange feeling of an unknown familiarity and stability in an unknown place, where people hardly understand your language, outshines all the upheavals and finally leave you with an awesome and amazing experience. Simplicity and grace are the USP of this beautiful land. Clean beaches, splendid architecture,  effortless beauty of nature which can never be left unnoticed, magical landscape and dissolution of Ayurveda in the soul; each one of them complements the soothing nature of God’s own country.

“Land of spices” or ” Land of Coconuts” or ” Land of Elephants”, whatever they call it but the feel of divine touch will remain as a bliss once who touches the charming land.