Rejuvenation : Few days along the serene coastline…

The less explored beaches of Konkan, Maharastra , beautiful greenery over vast stretches of land and magnificent forts; everything for an Art and peace loving soul.
One might have seen many beaches but the real beauty of these beaches lie in the transparency of water and serenity of the air around them. View of sunset on the edge of beach is one of the most blissful moment for any person and off course to me. Its a complete masterpiece , the way nature transforms its beauty around us during sunset. One can feel the breath in these less crowded and unexploited piece of land.
Beaches offer soulful experience and the remains of magnificent forts of Konkan instill pride and honor in our history. I was really fascinated by the brilliance , energy , dedication and hard work invested to build these giant structures. Although only remains are left , majority of them are damaged but still the history behind these can’t be remain untold. Every structure that has been designed is done with a motive and purpose . And its truly amazing to learn those facts which are taken care while creating these masterpieces of architecture. Most of them belong to the era of Pre-independence so one can’t be left untouched with the tale of the Warriors. And really, that’s when one feels the heroic as well as tragic history behind the freedom of this country.
The more one enters into the depth of these regions , the more traditional and beautiful it turn. Old fashioned homes with mud flooring are rare site in cities these days. Moreover the innocent and pleasant behavior of villagers adds to its beauty and peaceful environment.  But the journey will remain incomplete until or unless one doesn’t tastes the rich and mouthwatering Malvani food. It has its own peculiar aroma and taste derived from coastal influence.
My 6 day visit to Konkan left me with these blissful experiences and memories and its completely worth to take break from the hustle and bustle of cities and spend few days along the coastline.

” For The Love Of A Son ” – Inspirational and Breathtaking Read

Every image has a story to tell. I picked this book few days back and was completely taken by the cover image. “Woman behind the veil “- beautiful face with  powerful determination in those speaking  eyes. I wasn’t aware of the plot of this novel so I picked this one just by looking at the cover image. And I must say every single vibe revealed through the image does complete justification to the story and journey of the protagonist in the novel
.IMG_20160113_024143 (2)
The hardship, struggle, pain and emotional turbulence suffered by a mother ” For the love of a Son”.  When I read the complete novel then I realized  that nothing can be perfect than this image to depict the boundless emotions and suffering of a mother, for the quest of her child stolen by his own father.
A strong headed young afghan woman who never bent down before the unacceptable circumstances developed in the soil of the land where she is born,  made to suffer the unimaginable physical and mental torture by her own husband.  The only hope of survival, her baby is also snatched by her husband.  A mother’s quest for her stolen child and hatred for the beast of her life is completely justified by that powerful note of determination expressed through the image.  I don’t know how far I have succeeded to depict the emotion and struggle of the warrior woman through my sketch, but it is necessary for me to do. Because I really can’t hold myself to do this once I read through the breathtaking struggle and survival hardship of a woman  who is truly inspirational.
It’s really inspiring the way she lives her life on her own terms and conditions in an independent manner. But the challenges which life unfolded before her, sometimes scares me. It’s not possible for any ordinary soul to face the unbearable circumstances which life developed before her. A woman as a wife can handle and accept the rejection and abuse by her husband, but it’s the toughest pain for a mother to face the abuse and rejection by her child. For more than twenty years she suffers the pain to know about the well-being and whereabouts of her stolen baby and when the young boy finally appeared before her, one can never imagine the ground of hatred, negativity, revenge and filthiness cultivated in the innocent mind by the father for his mother. For the love of son she again suffers every torment by her own son to every possible extent that can be bear upon, but finally releases him to go on his own path rather than making him a part of her existing world, for the sake of it.
Extraordinary courage of the woman to face every extraordinary challenge of her life makes her confident, fearless and tough. But no mother’s heart is such strong to bear the extreme hatred and rejection by her own child. Maybe the pain can be overlooked from the beautiful face but it is impossible to overlook the wounded soul. We will ask for similar strength and courage from almighty,  but there is also another truth that ” we will never want her story to be ours…”, rightly said by the author. Because if we will succeed to face it, it will nearly be impossible to prevent ourselves from the injuries which will remain forever till the last breath.
One of the best read that justifies and dignifies the Unconditional  Love of Mother towards her Child.


Nothing is as mesmerizing and majestic as the long and vast stretches of Himalayas…One week under the vast and open roof of mountains, without any protection and safety of walls, doors and locks. Its soothing  when we really feel every breathe, far away from the noise of metro life. “Good Morning” feels worth when eyes are opened to engulf the maximum possible beauty of our mother nature.
Every sleepless  night spent under the snow clad mountains and every tiresome feet towards those heights seems meaningless when the height is conquered and at the summit its only you , who is the conqueror and has the chance to helplessly fall in love with the mountains.