“There is no friend as loyal as a book” – Ernest Hemingway.
Recently on my birthday, I was gifted with books and it feels special and privileged when people find you worthy of this. I don’t clearly remember when I developed the habit of reading but I seriously enjoy the world of books and find myself blessed that god gifted me with this trait. I personally believe that once we enter into the beautiful world of stories either fiction or non-fiction and get attached to it, then we are living in a different world. It’s the world which author has created and it’s not easy to come out of it until or unless we find the next one in our hand. We feel the happiness and pain in words of the writer. We create those faces in our own imagination and reading seems like travelling with them in their world. It is well said that “A Reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.”
I just wish the magic of books and spirit of reading remain alive in me forever that will always keep the zest for life unbeatable.

Published by Tejasvita

Engineer (Profession ) # Explorer # Writer ( Articles & Short stories) # Art and literature lover

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