Life is a treasure of beautiful opportunities and blessings if we really seek to create one. And in the long run, these blessings add to some unforgettable memories in the chapters of our life. Our World is beautiful and humanity is the greatest contribution, in an effort to save this beauty. I believe, volunteering injectedContinue reading ““CREATE THE MEMORIES THAT LAST FOREVER””

After watching this video, I can no longer complain about anything. I am not in a position to blame or complain. There are so many things around us which need our concern rather than struggling with our own lives and its queries.                   “Angelina Jolie visits Syria refugees” 


From a long time , I was struggling to visualize a different air of Indian Scenario. There were lots of acceptance and conflicts in my own head while trying to give them a shape . Finally I put an end to all if and but , rest my case on the subject or debate rather , on which I wanted to write and speak something.