Books that become Partners !

It happened after a long while that I finished any book with teary eyes. I finished reading “The forest of Enchantments” with teary eyes. Although both of them are very different in their treatments, story plots are different but somewhere the core is the same. “Love” is a topic that can be easily articulated in its depth and entirety.

“Forty rules of love” I read long back but this is one of the book that never leaves me and neither I want that it should. It seems to be a blessing to get even ten percent of the depth of the Writer’s perception which has been so effortlessly put down on a piece of paper.

Both of the them touches the topic of love at different levels but seems like the foundation is same which is very subtle and can never be put into words.It can only be exemplified.  So, somehow every time I go through the “Forest of Enchantments” I always wander through the ” Forty rules of Love”. The very essence of emotions is so beautifully portrayed, it’s fascinating to find that how every aspect is just one version of other. Love, hate, anger, compassion ; how intricately intermingled.  Difference of fine lines among them, the same coin keep flipping in different ways and the emotion changes.

I must say that more than the story plots, the treatment of the subject of ” Love” is just beauty. Why it is revered so much ,these books definitely succeeded to give a glimpse of that touch.


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