Tenderness – A gifted Quality

I found this long lost painting that was kept as it was painted , for more than a decade. This is created by my sister. There might be many technical corrections in the eyes of an expert. But whenever I see this painting, it just reminds me of her and her willingness to create something beautiful. In any creative piece there is always a scope for correction , but there could not be any parameter to measure the willingness of the person who is creating the piece. I don’t remember completely how she used to make such posters.          I only remember her childish impulsiveness to add more beauty to the piece.                  But in the last few years , ever since I started facing the dynamics of our society I appreciate her and admire her more and more for her innocence ( which is sometimes interpreted as stupidity ), commitment towards her family (trust me not an easy commitment , so  I really applaud it ), impulsive behavior ( not good sometimes because you need to be practical but I just take it as her innocence ), courage and patience              ( which I discovered very lately in her which has always been there ).

There is tendency to measure the growth and success of the person in terms of economical value one adds to the family and society. I cannot pass any remarks in general, but I have seen her, and I feel that what would be the significance of the monetary value if the strength and emotion which is binding the people together is broken.  Bank balance is useful, but the essence of the life is in the beauty which people are adding to each other’s lives. And in creating this beauty, feminine aspect holds the paramount value. When we will start respecting this natural quality of her as a blessing rather than a granted affair.

PS : I never thought what would come out of me when I started writing after getting the chance to see this painting after a long time. I guess this one is straight from my heart. This painting is a reminder to me for all the changes that a person undergoes in few years. And in one painting I saw it all for my sister.

Published by Tejasvita

Engineer (Profession ) # Explorer # Writer ( Articles & Short stories) # Art and literature lover

2 thoughts on “Tenderness – A gifted Quality

  1. Art Reader & Artists perceptions, many times differ; Pain is Patient’s judgement, while it’s a principle concept for a physician.


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