A Dive into the Life !

Its been a long time since I was planning to dive deep into the sea and have a close look at the World inside the blue waters of the Ocean. There are layers of water above the surface and so there are layers of water beneath the surface. And I found the hidden jewel of the Ocean beneath the surface; they are free and untouched. Its enchanting to see those little and colorful creatures wandering in their own space. Oh! Just leave them undisturbed, they are least bothered of anything (in my mind I guess). I have never seen so many colors in water life, till this date. It is vast and exquisite in its own ways.          But the most beautiful of all is the presence of silence. This silence can make us realize the feel of exhale and inhale in every breathe. Such and so that, every breathe in those few minutes could be counted. Perhaps at that time I remembered how vital is breathing (gifted things are generally taken as granted).                                                                                Floating several meters beneath the ground level, gives the feel of marine life. This marine world is eloquent and giant at the same time. It’s a precious and delicate world that could be seen, appreciated and valued but untouched (for the sake of the balance of lives).


A dive that is deep inside the Ocean is worth of everything , because I believe there are moments like this when the feeling of aliveness burst forth through us. I just wish that we should carry the same freshness and curiosity towards life , in every aspect whether big or small.

Published by Tejasvita

Engineer (Profession ) # Explorer # Writer ( Articles & Short stories) # Art and literature lover

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