This post took longer than necessary to post because I was really skeptical about posting this very personal space of my feelings. But I feel that the unsaid and uncelebrated work of people around us which we take as granted must be said and celebrated. So, here it is. 

I guess I have never realized the value of money until very recently when my father was about to retire from his 40 years of long service as a University Professor. Whenever I close my eyes and think about this phase of my father’s life, only one thing occurs to me is that he has spent his entire life to make a comfortable living for all of us (my family). Although I know the fact that how much he adores his job. I have grown up seeing him surrounded by books, notes, copies, students and their endless questions. He devoted his life to his job but when I think now, I feel that he devoted his life to the wellbeing of his little family.

Neither have I asked, nor did he ever said that what are his likings and interests, but he always took care of every bit of what I wish for. Perhaps to full-fill, our interests were his only desire. I remember that he never did mind traveling in public transport or two-wheelers but till now when I am with him then we should travel in the car. Whether he had seen all the places or not, but he never stopped me to travel wherever I wanted.      He does not mind carrying a normal phone, but his daughter should carry the best. Whatever parents do, it can never be articulated, no word can justify it. At his last working day, amidst the different expressions of people, I felt only one thing that if my father would not have made those sacrifices which are uncountable, if he had not lived such disciplined and stable life about which I used to crib sometimes, would I be standing on my feet at this moment? Without every penny that he cut from his pocket, would I be standing tall and straight?

40 years of service is life, and to devote oneself in it without any complaints requires motivation and inspiration. I wonder what the motivation was, is it nature of the task (which I am sure it is) or the urge to provide his family the best life he could afford to pay!

Love & affection, sacrifices of the Parents should not be taken as granted but honored because not many people are capable of shedding their lives to full fill the interests of others. 


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    Some Sacrifices are inevitable, but its also a matter of choice. And parents are those special ones in our lives who chose it without any sense of attitude towards and nor concerned about our gratitude towards it! #Happy Fathers Day!


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