Why is that so, we consider our nation as somebody else but not us, not me? I feel very amusing rather inquisitive when people make the remark “We as Indians are used to …….”. And this blank can be filled with many remarks like Bargaining, breaking traffic signals, theft, looking for inexpensive things, quantity but not quality and almost everything which is considered not so civilized. I wonder if the same tendency changes when they travel to any other wonderland where people don’t bargain or don’t buy inexpensive things. “We as Indians are used to break the traffic signals, litter on the road” but the same Indian is very close to the rulebook in another part of the Planet. I don’t understand this isolation which makes us so individualistic, that we feel the country where we live does not belong to us. Any Country is just a geographical land, but the inhabitants constitute the integrity of the nation. We live in the same land and fill it with our breath, but everything seems inappropriate with the same land. Bargaining is beyond the class in India but running all over the streets in another nation during Black Friday sale is total class. Human behavior that is acceptable in far corners of the planet is merely disgusting in India, for certain Indians themselves.

“It is not what we have that will make us a great nation; it is the way in which we use it.” This is a sense which can only be felt and experienced. I just want to share very beautiful lines from one of my favorite books which resonate with me, ” We may not be the richest or the best country in the world, but we have so much freedom. We can switch jobs easily or relocate to a different town or city. If nothing else, most of us have a family that will at least give us a place to stay in times of trouble. We really don’t know lucky we are until we are out of the country.”

This a very personal post where I just expressed my feelings which I get out of the connection which I share with my motherland. Right or wrong but a country which was called “Golden Bird”, if lost its worth over the years then it is the inhabitants of the land who are responsible.

Note : Image taken from google that represents the essence of this country.






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