Elephanta Caves: Stories carved on Rocks

The magnificent and giant structures of Elephanta always give me a push to know a little more about this place. Every time, the jaw-dropping magnificence of the structures leave me awestruck. The unquestionable devotion and the unbeatable efforts by human beings to construct this masterpiece must be cherished.

While visiting this heritage, it is always better to take the help of a well-known guide. Else the majority of the things would be missed out which deserved to be known. We took the help of one of a well-aware Guide who was actually eager enough to show us Lord Shiva Temple. So, Elephanta is actually a Shaiva temple which is almost 1300 years old. The literature of the place can always be found on Wikipedia but what could not be figured out on literature are different versions of the mythological stories which are carved out on the stones and rocks. According to me, not even a single detail has been missed. The architects have given their whole to give justifications to every God, Demi-God, Humans, animals, and everything involved in that story plot. From Lord Shiva himself to the demon at his feet, everything has been carved out differently on the rocks.

Its a sheer devotion of the architects to create this masterpiece just out of chisel and hammer as there were no proper tools available some thousands of years back. Lets a take a glimpse of those stories carved on the rocks in the islands of Gharapuri.


Tridev – Symbolizes the Creation, Maintenance and Destruction !
1200 years old Paint on Ignis Rocks
Shiva and Parvati playing the game of Chausar
Shiva in Yoga Mudra
Nataraja – The Lord of Dance
The marriage of Shiva and Shakti
Bhagirath and Brahma for the reincarnation of Mother Ganga at Earth


Even some 1300 years later , the beauty and revealing magnanimity of the structure is intact.  Perhaps, this brought it to the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.










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