Reminders !

I am usually so mesmerized by the stupid issues that overshadow all the lives in front of me. And suddenly, a few days ago it slapped me so hard. And I came out of my virtual land. Well, the current situation is self sufficient to bend the human beings to its knees but still, I feel that I come under that lot who need slap to wake up. Well in my lockdown period of more than 2 months now, I am sharing the house with one family of a different Country. As I am stuck in a different city in my very own country, these people are stuck in a different country altogether. So, the word “ Stuck” is not quite justified in my case. Anyway, over the period, we started having some conversations. I am not very quick to initiate the conversation but somehow it happened with gestures of a smile. They have been in India for almost 6 months now. And it’s a little family of siblings; one brother, and two sisters. They are here for the medical treatment of one of the sisters. They are paying a huge sum of money for the accommodation, transportation and other expenses apart from the medical. I would have never realized their struggle and pain unless she came a few days ago at my door and asking for my help. I had always seen her smiling and humming songs, so my little mind just perceived the things as it is, never tried to feel anything. She came to me because she needed some help to pass her message to one of the concerned persons on an urgent basis. The person on the other side was unable to grasp English so she wanted me to translate it in Hindi for him to understand. And either out of rage or pain, she spoke out the traumas they are facing in dealing with medical treatment of their sister in the COVID scenario amid the high the expenses from the last six months. And worst of all, language problem in a different land. She was holding the tears in her eyes through her smile. 

What an ever-smiling face! She would laugh at every nasty joke of mine as if she needed every reason to smile and laugh. I felt so ashamed of myself that of what silly little things I crave and crib in my life. And these people who are in a different land with a critically ill sister and an uncontrolled outflow of money; not able to understand the ways of the country but still struggling through. Seeing my helpless face, she said “Don’t worry sister, I accepted this phase. Everyone has struggles in their lives.” And again she smiled. Perhaps now I will pray to God, that if ever I crib in front of you then please show me these faces so that I can have some sense and gratitude.

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Engineer (Profession ) # Explorer # Writer ( Articles & Short stories) # Art and literature lover

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