A different dimension…..

No matter how much we human can create beautiful and useful things for well-being and comfort of ourselves. But what is in the hand of creator is beyond our perception and imagination. A very minute aspect of this creation cannot be known by us through our small part of intellect. This thing just came to me when I was looking through the Mor-Pankh (Peacock Feather). It’s just a masterpiece. I think that even if I will try to make such a masterpiece with the blend of colours I would fail. It is not in the hand of any human mind to create such a masterpiece. The proportionate blending of colours in every streak of the feather is phenomenal. No doubt, it is the foremost jewel of Lord Krishna itself. Everything in the universe whose beauty and magnificence is beyond human perception seems blue; from ocean to Sky; and Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva himself. Perhaps that’s why Mor-Pankh is created with the play of Colour Blue. The ecstatic nature of Peacocks which they display while dancing in the rain is something which Human being should perceive. That’s why Peacock are so dear to lord and even in Hindu tradition it is placed with Goddess of Knowledge, compassion and benevolence , Devi Sarasvati.  This is a very minute aspect of the creation but larger than human understanding. Similarly, every aspect of the creation if analysed cannot be understood , but if tried to perceive through experience would seem a phenomenon which is extremely beautiful and blissful but at the same time far beyond the reach of human intellect. That’s why it is said to listen to the heart, because what is in the hand of experience and feeling which come through the heart  cannot be fetched through just human intellect. Because intellect gives the touch of life only on surface , it would never allow to take deeper dive into the life; it is wonderful only where it is necessary.



Maa..we all are children to god, right ??
Yes, dear.

God loves equally to everyone?

Off course..
Then Why our life is so miserable and Theirs not ?
Whom are you talking about?
( He pointed to the house of their sahib )
Shhh….don’t say like this. In fact , by God’s grace our lives are equally well.
From where do you gain the stupid arguments to support your god !
My Child, life is different for different people. Life is not same for everyone. Maybe what is hell for you, is the urge for someone. See, you are so physically well, some people just urge for their hand to work well or legs to work well,  to make few comfortable  steps. Imagine the pain of such people. Definitely , more than yours!
Yess… I know. But still , why I have to wait for the left over toys, that when they will be thrown off and I will get the chance to play. It hurts me mom.
You are fortunate dear that almighty is giving you the chance to ask something from him. When you will ask anything from him , he will guide you and then you will connect to him.
This connection keeps you close to your heart, dear. There is nothing more valuable than establishing the connection with yourself.
Will this connection solve the miseries of our life?
Off course not, it will not do any miracle . But it will give you the immense strength to overcome the challenges of your life and that will determine the strength of your character.Feel privileged that god has given you the opportunity to polish yourself in your own way. You know sometimes this urge becomes so strong that it will extract the best out of you, if taken in a positive path.
The little kid was not left with any more arguments to defend his point . He slowly walked out of the cottage with his books.
He was trying to reconnect and reconcile whatever his mother just said, when his eyes moved to those lines at the book in his hand “The Lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickets mud ” .
Finally he comprehend what his mother just said and went back to her with satisfaction.


“Only a Child sees things with perfect clarity because it has not developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things that we don’t expect to see.”- Douglas Adams
Live like children! Childhood is the most innocent form of human phase in this life. I wish that innocence remains with us forever. I think this is the only phase when we live our life like “LIFE”. No regrets of past and no worries about future. Whatever is there, that is just in hand which is ‘PRESENT’.

They will laugh like anything almost uncontrollably when happy and cry at the drop of a hat, no matter what others think. Whereas, we are more worried about other’s perception rather than our own emotions. Sometimes we don’t even realize that what tickles them so much that they laugh hysterically. We lose this madness to enjoy the moments, once we start stepping out of our childhood. Whatever we strive to be in our lives; but this innocence should not diminish because the pure happiness of life lies in this innocence and celebration of emotions.
I also feel if we could have learned to have faith and trust upon others like children do. Once they believe us, they will surrender completely; laying their tiny body against us. They remain clinging to us till the last possible way, unaware and not bothered about themselves. Whom so ever they trust, they do completely; giggle like anything when we throw them high up in the air while playing because they believe that nothing going to happen to them. We would again hold them in our hand. This is the trust of the little heart which we forget to bestow upon someone; somewhere in the process of growing up.
Children have the most honest and purest form of perception about anything or anybody. They will list out all positives and negatives regardless of whom they are speaking about. We term this ‘fearlessness’ as their ‘innocence’. We ourselves develop this fear as we gain so called ‘wisdom’. This is the fear of status, society, money, fame and countless of things which eventually develops its root crushing the truthfulness of childhood.
Surviving in the world with childlike innocence is tough, the world around us has to be impeccable enough to understand and honor this trait. But until then, laugh like a child, cry like a child, dance like a child, fight tirelessly like a child and be a free soul like a child.


“There is no friend as loyal as a book” – Ernest Hemingway.
Recently on my birthday, I was gifted with books and it feels special and privileged when people find you worthy of this. I don’t clearly remember when I developed the habit of reading but I seriously enjoy the world of books and find myself blessed that god gifted me with this trait. I personally believe that once we enter into the beautiful world of stories either fiction or non-fiction and get attached to it, then we are living in a different world. It’s the world which author has created and it’s not easy to come out of it until or unless we find the next one in our hand. We feel the happiness and pain in words of the writer. We create those faces in our own imagination and reading seems like travelling with them in their world. It is well said that “A Reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.”
I just wish the magic of books and spirit of reading remain alive in me forever that will always keep the zest for life unbeatable.


This was suffocating for her, so many things to do in life but not enough time to devote. She wasn’t dying, but her situation was even worse, she wasn’t living.

Seriously, the day she was selected for this position, she had no clue about the transformations that were ready to pull her out from herself. She never denied hard work and responsibilities, but this new role was making her mechanical. When she looked around her and almost everyone was feeling the same.  When she became the part of this organization she was happy, so happy to get associated with a globally renowned organization. Her dreams began to take shape; she began to enjoy every bit of her self-independence, but not for long. Soon, she started realizing that she was losing her original charm, and very soon she would stop recognizing herself if she didn’t step out of her cubicle. There was nothing wrong in her job, but she wasn’t meant to do that. She was surrounded by countless people who were on the same boat, but some were enjoying the ride by choice, some were learning to, since they had no choice, and those of the third kind were shouting at the top of their pitch, but still paddling. She hated the fact that she was in the third category.

It was neither the work that was draining her nor the peer pressure, but something else. It was the failure of her innocent heart to understand the people in the complexity of the empire that had imprisoned her and disconnection with her own soul. Her’s was free soul, one that couldn’t be chained.

Nobody could be blamed for this, it was her own choice. If only she had discovered herself earlier!  Her craving to write something, urge to paint every beautiful thing she came across, and restlessness to spend few hours of her day with herself. All of it started to fade away, and she could very easily feel that disconnection with God. To write, to paint, and that solitude, all were perhaps the medium for her to be attached to her God.  She realized that money, materialistic pleasures were the things she rejoiced, but not her necessity. The job that she was doing, even though she was good at it, but never been able to accept it with open heart inspite of every possible self-effort. That perhaps was the mistake she made, to conclude that being good at what you do underlines your passion for it. But no, such isn’t the case. She was tired of chasing just money and materialistic pleasures like people around her were. She decided to shield away from this addiction before it engulfs her and cut down the voice of her conscience forever.



Several years have passed, she is now working as an  Associate Lecturer with a nationwide famous University.  She is enjoying every bit of her job. Finally! It was reading, earning knowledge and then sharing knowledge, that she always urged for. These days she is working hard, very hard to satisfy the queries of her students, to answer the questions of intellectuals she meets in global seminars and conferences that she visits all over the world .But she never feels drained out, even for a moment, that blood sucking numbness as she felt in her past. She found her way and the fear of being lost in the crowd finally vanished.

Sometimes, due to immaturity or whatsoever reason we frame up that money, fame, power, popularity etc. are the only means that are supposed to bring happiness in our lives. And of course they do bring to some people, but we blindly run in the same line without sparing a moment to connect with ourselves and listen to its voice. Every human being is different right from the birth whether it is physical appearance or the inner reflection, then how can our goals be the same. In the pursuit of life, the idea is to discover that gifted trait , and then nurture it throughout our life. Let the illusions of glamour not snatch away the charm that defines us.