Not just a piece of Paper !

I sketched this one long ago, with nothing specific in mind. I just wanted to do it. But to my surprise the intensity and serenity I wanted to reveal, somehow, I could manage it to some extent. In terms of technical parameters, there might be many flaws but for me it was not at all technical at all.          

Whenever I see this one now, I feel like it was not matter of Sketch for me, it was something else.  I could not define that what’s that something else was, whether it was prayer or tribute I don’t know. It gives me different emotion every time but one thing which is very prominent every time is the feeling of ‘Surrender’ and ‘Devotion’. I guess one of the strongest emotions which makes the existence more beautiful and enchanting.

When we put something on the paper or canvas, it does not matter how perfectly we carved it out technically. What satisfies the most is that how perfectly we came out of the feelings within us while putting is across the board. Once we touch a certain aspect of life no matter for how long, it makes us content. Still after so many years when I see this sketch, my heart feels with the emotions. It just draws me into a completely different land and I feel like I am doing it once again. But I know the same thing would come out or not is a big question. Not in terms of technicality but in terms of touching the life within me!

I did not discuss anything about this picture and the emotions related to it because this is something which could not be articulated even after so much time. But I believe one who can touch it can touch it beyond any articulation.



 “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you “

I unfolded the pages of this diary after almost an year and actually realized that we all need a trusted companion to reveal our untold stories.  Turning the pages of an old diary seems like a healing therapy. Good memories rewind the aura of high spirits, while the one which are not so good remind of the days when we had the courage and strength to overcome those situations. And the best part is that nothing could be more loyal than these pages of the diary that never reveal the untold truths unless someone intrudes into them. It protects our dreams, aspirations and stories which are untold.

So lets keep a trusted partner with us , which holds all the secrets in return for nothing.


The strength of character has always attracted me and in a Woman the same strength  uplifts the beauty by inducing invincible confidence. I always find this more enchanting than anything else. While creating this vision , I tried experimenting with my imagination and some inspiration found here and there.

I tried creating different shades but with the same wonderful source of strength.