Tenderness – A gifted Quality

I found this long lost painting that was kept as it was painted , for more than a decade. This is created by my sister. There might be many technical corrections in the eyes of an expert. But whenever I see this painting, it just reminds me of her and her willingness to create something beautiful. In any creative piece there is always a scope for correction , but there could not be any parameter to measure the willingness of the person who is creating the piece. I don’t remember completely how she used to make such posters.          I only remember her childish impulsiveness to add more beauty to the piece.                  But in the last few years , ever since I started facing the dynamics of our society I appreciate her and admire her more and more for her innocence ( which is sometimes interpreted as stupidity ), commitment towards her family (trust me not an easy commitment , so  I really applaud it ), impulsive behavior ( not good sometimes because you need to be practical but I just take it as her innocence ), courage and patience              ( which I discovered very lately in her which has always been there ).

There is tendency to measure the growth and success of the person in terms of economical value one adds to the family and society. I cannot pass any remarks in general, but I have seen her, and I feel that what would be the significance of the monetary value if the strength and emotion which is binding the people together is broken.  Bank balance is useful, but the essence of the life is in the beauty which people are adding to each other’s lives. And in creating this beauty, feminine aspect holds the paramount value. When we will start respecting this natural quality of her as a blessing rather than a granted affair.

PS : I never thought what would come out of me when I started writing after getting the chance to see this painting after a long time. I guess this one is straight from my heart. This painting is a reminder to me for all the changes that a person undergoes in few years. And in one painting I saw it all for my sister.

Love ~

Don’t forget Love. It will bring all the madness you need to unfurl yourself across the universe. ~Mirabai.

This painting has always fascinated me, for its sheer intensity of love and devotion at the same time. Love that can unfurl all the madness and fire in a Human being. The presence or absence of the Beloved remains no longer necessary. And, dance automatically becomes the natural process.

Books that become Partners !

It happened after a long while that I finished any book with teary eyes. I finished reading “The forest of Enchantments” with teary eyes. Although both of them are very different in their treatments, story plots are different but somewhere the core is the same. “Love” is a topic that can be easily articulated in its depth and entirety.

“Forty rules of love” I read long back but this is one of the book that never leaves me and neither I want that it should. It seems to be a blessing to get even ten percent of the depth of the Writer’s perception which has been so effortlessly put down on a piece of paper.

Both of the them touches the topic of love at different levels but seems like the foundation is same which is very subtle and can never be put into words.It can only be exemplified.  So, somehow every time I go through the “Forest of Enchantments” I always wander through the ” Forty rules of Love”. The very essence of emotions is so beautifully portrayed, it’s fascinating to find that how every aspect is just one version of other. Love, hate, anger, compassion ; how intricately intermingled.  Difference of fine lines among them, the same coin keep flipping in different ways and the emotion changes.

I must say that more than the story plots, the treatment of the subject of ” Love” is just beauty. Why it is revered so much ,these books definitely succeeded to give a glimpse of that touch.


Few words but capture the entire life !


I find it worth sharing . This is so true and at the same time far from perception .                We look for roses but not ready to touch the thorns. We wish for rainbows but not ready for the rainfall. We all claim that we love rising sun but hardly ready to leave the bed in the morning.  We claim to be loving, but not ready to accept the other person with all the thorns and roses. Everything beautiful thing is only beautiful in our experience if we accept it despite anything and everything . Beauty can only be embraced , it cannot be disintegrated. 






Not just a piece of Paper !

I sketched this one long ago, with nothing specific in mind. I just wanted to do it. But to my surprise the intensity and serenity I wanted to reveal, somehow, I could manage it to some extent. In terms of technical parameters, there might be many flaws but for me it was not at all technical at all.          

Whenever I see this one now, I feel like it was not matter of Sketch for me, it was something else.  I could not define that what’s that something else was, whether it was prayer or tribute I don’t know. It gives me different emotion every time but one thing which is very prominent every time is the feeling of ‘Surrender’ and ‘Devotion’. I guess one of the strongest emotions which makes the existence more beautiful and enchanting.

When we put something on the paper or canvas, it does not matter how perfectly we carved it out technically. What satisfies the most is that how perfectly we came out of the feelings within us while putting is across the board. Once we touch a certain aspect of life no matter for how long, it makes us content. Still after so many years when I see this sketch, my heart feels with the emotions. It just draws me into a completely different land and I feel like I am doing it once again. But I know the same thing would come out or not is a big question. Not in terms of technicality but in terms of touching the life within me!

I did not discuss anything about this picture and the emotions related to it because this is something which could not be articulated even after so much time. But I believe one who can touch it can touch it beyond any articulation.

She is an innocent mess; never really thought she could be trapped but somehow and somewhere she has to detangle the knots woven around her knowingly or unknowingly. But the most wonderful fact among all these is that God always makes the life of this child of his easier by sending the warmth and presence of some really nice people around her when she needs them.

Again with this sunset, she did not make any new promises, just asked for the grace and blessings. She did not ask anything but thanked him. A prayer is always unspoken, it need not to be shouted in ears.

Breeze, setting sun, flowers, aroma of tea, lake and a sub urban city, what else could be asked for her. Just some sweet memories were passing by making the presence more blissful. All the knots which were not worth paying so much attention to automatically unknotted themselves.

Sometimes, a gentle pause brings out the balance and washes off the trash.


Short happenings but lifetime memories…

I have been craving to write about something since a long time but never something really holds my mind for a long time. And on 1st January ’19, something happened ; although a very small and casual happening but for me it’s a reminder to something which we miss to hold in our daily lives.

I was travelling back to my city that day and I was about to meet my father at the platform. We were going to board different trains after that. So basically, going in different directions later. We met at the platform itself and had few conversations in short span of time. When the time came to depart our ways, he handed over a packet of biscuits. I saw that he managed to meet me but feeling guilty that he did not brought anything for me. That moment is unforgettable when I felt that I am still a little kid in front of him. We always know that we would remain the same kids to our parents, but instances as such are big reminder for this truth.  I told him that I will get my meal and I have sufficient stuff with me. But for him, it was not sufficient. He kept it in my bag saying that you take it with tea, keep it because you usually get hungry after few hours. And then, he left.

Leaving away from our loved and dear ones we sometimes don’t realize their emotions and feelings. They always keep the first image of ours in their eyes and live by that. Our needs will be same in their eyes forever. When it comes to parents, for them however old and efficient we become, our needs and necessities will be same in their eyes as they have seen us while growing into adults. We grow in our heads, but they remain the same in their emotions.

Certain feelings and incidents are very personal, but they are always worth sharing.

Childlike ….. Preserve it !

In the process of growing up from a Kid to a big man in this life, we gain so much. When we were kids we often think of the moments to grow up and enjoy a bit of our independence. But it does not come easy, we have to pay a heavy price for it by shading the layers of innocence and childlike qualities. I wonder that as a child we never strive for God’s blessings because it doesn’t matter whether he sanctions our actions or not. But as we start shading the layers of our inner childishness, we seek for divine intervention to prevent us from our own deeds and misdeeds. Generally, we keep asking him for something or prevent us from something, but as a child when we stood in front of divine there was nothing in the head, just us who were ready to absorb whatever thrown at us.  A child has faith beyond any reasoning and doubts, not only in divine but also in human. I have read somewhere that when you throw up a small kid in the air, he/she giggles, does not cry because he/she has the faith that the person standing down would hold him. But the same kid has to struggle to live without fear and with ultimate faith, once the brain starts capturing the outer noise. In this noise, the inner atmosphere of sensitivity and receptivity becomes fragile and cracks down. Fear and insecurity start building up. As a child we lived without any fear; even the fear of falling while taking the baby steps was not there. Every unsuccessful attempt as a child made us more delighted to strive for it. But now we need to learn those things again as a teaching; somewhere in the cycle of growth we lost many layers to embrace adulthood but, in those layers, we also lost our very true nature which is full of compassion, innocence, boundless joy and contentment. Now, we struggle to find the reasons to be happy and when we were children always reasons were created to make us unhappy for some time.

We cannot remain untouched by the external process, it does affect us with or without our willingness. But it is necessary to preserve that child within us that let us remain attached to our inner being without getting lost and misplaced. I believe that bonding is the most essential thing which will help us to dance through our lives.


Coastal region has its own charisma dominated by the clouds, sunshine, sea shore , coconuts and waves. Everything adds to a beautiful presentation at the perfect moment.  I tried to capture minor glimpses of clouds along the coastal line and for me it was magical. The massive waves approaches the sea shore carrying all the unwanted stuffs of the ocean and dump along the shore. Apart from all the philosophies, I believe that it reminds us that every beautiful object needs purification after some time. Perhaps we feel the sense of peace and fulfillment along the sea shore.  IMG_20180907_175243IMG_20180907_172640IMG_20180907_152641IMG_20180907_152703IMG_20180907_152650