Calling – An Eternal Bonding

“Calling,“ a notion that symbolizes a lot of emotions at the same time concerning many things. It represents a strong emotional bond over certain connects, maybe with a place or a person. It is an eternal feeling which holds a substantial bonding which could not be ignored. Bonding with Mountains, Rivers, any particular- place or a person can be so strong that if they call that call could not be unheard.
Mountaineers take all the risk to reach those heights. These risks are threats to life. It may wonder many for whom its nothing other than madness. But those who could not resist this calling understand the significance. Even the violent wind of those hilly terrains seems to be a reminder of Heaven. A strong urge is developed to envelope yourself in the raw beauty of nature, no matter how harsh it can turn out to be. Every pain and every risk taken to cover this journey seem a small price in exchange for the boundless beauty of nature. One who has this bonding with mountains can understand this calling.
For few, books can also be an addiction. If you develop the bonding with books, then it’s an ever-lasting bonding which will never leave you alone. They have their own magic. The magic of taking the readers to an entirely different land. A land which is created out of the thoughts of the author and sheer satisfaction of the reader. The world of books is indefinite and magical; one who enters into this land will never find him alone after that. Because that longing to pick something new and start turning on the pages will always persist.
Calling can also be of a person, with whom you are connected eternally. Be it your parent, friend, beloved, any relative or maybe some stranger. This is a strong communication which does not require any physical presence, the intense emotion of the person is enough to pull you from your zone. And above all is the calling of God who always calls you when you need him the most. This is a spiritual bonding which connects the human soul with almighty.

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“We all live with a lot of apprehensions about ourselves. Yes, we do!”

Recently, I got an opportunity to mentor a child through Green Batti project, initiated by Social Quotient.  I was pretty impressed with myself regarding my decision.

A general interaction / ice breaking session was organized for us before actually moving deep into the program. I was on time at the mentioned venue, waiting for my mentee. I was completely prepared and confident to use all my skills to guide and mentor a child. And finally she came, a 13 year old girl child currently studying in standard IXth.  With a cheerful and confident face, she took the seat beside me, on the bench where I was sitting. At that moment I realized it was not her but I, who was a bit hesitant to start the conversation. Her smiling and confident face however, broke the self generated perceptions of mine and I initiated the conversation.  We both introduced ourselves to each other. I admit that if she wouldn’t had been so much happy and excited about our interaction, I would have to double my efforts to develop the bonding between us. I told her about my profession and the other activities that keep me occupied.  Very proudly, I announced that I am also involved in teaching. But in the next second that innocent child said, “Didi, I also teach children, spoken English. Two aunties from my neighbor also come to get taught by me.”  I was speechless in that moment, perhaps amazed and was looking straight at her. Finding my attention she continued, “ Six to eight in the evening I teach children, then after my prayers. I like to help my mother to prepare the dinner for all of us. My sisters also teach students from our locality.”  I was quiet. Although I was well aware of the socio-economic background of the kids enrolled under the project, I was totally grasped by the narration of that little girl. I asked her what did her  father do. She told me about her father’s profession. And at that moment, I felt lucky and fortunate to be the part of her life for a small duration in my life, I still feel the same. Being a mentor, I have to try my best to reach upto what has been expected out of me, and be an inspiration and a guide in her life, one who can push her to identify her strengths and can ensure that she makes all possible steps towards the limitless sky. But for now, unknowingly though, she has helped me to identify the myself better and understand my possibilities. My work  to infuse inspiration in her is yet to began, but certainly, she has inspired me.

Before leaving, she tied a hand-made band on my wrist, a gesture embarking a new bond.

“Didi, Few days back Raksha Bandhan was there, I made some bands for my brothers. Then why not for a sister? This one is for you.”

Nothing else to say……I just wish and hope that I succeed to preserve the promises of the newly formed bonding.