KEEP THE SPARK ALIVE! -An itch towards life!

Your journey will remain valuable and your struggle will remain memorable to you, no matter how far the world around you is judgmental. You know your worth and your battle to stand amidst all the diversities. These years away from my home has taught me tremendously. We all grow through our own learnings. We makeContinue reading “KEEP THE SPARK ALIVE! -An itch towards life!”


“Only a Child sees things with perfect clarity because it has not developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things that we don’t expect to see.”- Douglas Adams Live like children! Childhood is the most innocent form of human phase in this life. I wish that innocence remains with us forever. I thinkContinue reading ““BE LIKE A CHILD “”

” For The Love Of A Son ” – Inspirational and Breathtaking Read

Every image has a story to tell. I picked this book few days back and was completely taken by the cover image. “Woman behind the veil “- beautiful face with  powerful determination in those speaking  eyes. I wasn’t aware of the plot of this novel so I picked this one just by looking at theContinue reading “” For The Love Of A Son ” – Inspirational and Breathtaking Read”


“We all live with a lot of apprehensions about ourselves. Yes, we do!” Recently, I got an opportunity to mentor a child through Green Batti project, initiated by Social Quotient.  I was pretty impressed with myself regarding my decision. A general interaction / ice breaking session was organized for us before actually moving deep intoContinue reading “A NEW BEGINNING……. WITH A NEW BONDING….#INSPIRATION”