KEEP THE SPARK ALIVE! -An itch towards life!

Your journey will remain valuable and your struggle will remain memorable to you, no matter how far the world around you is judgmental. You know your worth and your battle to stand amidst all the diversities.

These years away from my home has taught me tremendously. We all grow through our own learnings. We make mistakes, learn from it and move ahead. There is always a lot of apprehensions associated with a new place, I was no far apart from this thought. But once we accept a place with open arms, we always get the same affection in return. There is always a positive and negative side of any phase. I am fortunate enough that I embraced some of the good human beings as friends in the new city who contributed wonderful memories to these years. Well, when you move alone to a big metropolitan, you are not the single person who is worried about you, there is a crowd around you who is equally inquisitive about your actions and reactions. Your attitude will automatically build up a story about you. These things are little frustrating for a while, doesn’t bother much once your eyes and ears are closed to the scrap. Personally, I learned a lot from this phase, and the most important among them is the belief upon myself and my dreams. Nobody understands us better than we, ourselves. I believe that internal connection shall always be preserved. Until we are fine with ourselves, anything hardly matters. The people around me whose presence matter to me always been a source of inspiration to me somewhere. One thing is my family which keeps me rooted; another one is those few people around me whose presence is bliss to me. I am not surrounded by them all the time, but a small conversation is enough to freshen me up. I guess this is how we learn to embrace a new beginning.

Life is full of so many treasures, we should enrich us with them. People inspire me, their attitude and take towards life inspire me. The itch towards learning is the biggest asset, one could have. There is no end to this journey of seeking new qualities. To keep peace and pace with life, it’s necessary that we keep the desire for learning new things alive be it anything like, learning a new sport, appreciating the beats of music & dance, getting lost in the world of books or appreciating art. There are countless number things where we could feel the pulse of life.

So, to make this journey of life memorable and worthy, it’s necessary that we value our own dreams and desires and take every single step forward without any hesitation and fear. And value those people and relationships which add peace, strength, motivation, and fun in this journey; anything else doesn’t even matter !!



“Only a Child sees things with perfect clarity because it has not developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things that we don’t expect to see.”- Douglas Adams
Live like children! Childhood is the most innocent form of human phase in this life. I wish that innocence remains with us forever. I think this is the only phase when we live our life like “LIFE”. No regrets of past and no worries about future. Whatever is there, that is just in hand which is ‘PRESENT’.

They will laugh like anything almost uncontrollably when happy and cry at the drop of a hat, no matter what others think. Whereas, we are more worried about other’s perception rather than our own emotions. Sometimes we don’t even realize that what tickles them so much that they laugh hysterically. We lose this madness to enjoy the moments, once we start stepping out of our childhood. Whatever we strive to be in our lives; but this innocence should not diminish because the pure happiness of life lies in this innocence and celebration of emotions.
I also feel if we could have learned to have faith and trust upon others like children do. Once they believe us, they will surrender completely; laying their tiny body against us. They remain clinging to us till the last possible way, unaware and not bothered about themselves. Whom so ever they trust, they do completely; giggle like anything when we throw them high up in the air while playing because they believe that nothing going to happen to them. We would again hold them in our hand. This is the trust of the little heart which we forget to bestow upon someone; somewhere in the process of growing up.
Children have the most honest and purest form of perception about anything or anybody. They will list out all positives and negatives regardless of whom they are speaking about. We term this ‘fearlessness’ as their ‘innocence’. We ourselves develop this fear as we gain so called ‘wisdom’. This is the fear of status, society, money, fame and countless of things which eventually develops its root crushing the truthfulness of childhood.
Surviving in the world with childlike innocence is tough, the world around us has to be impeccable enough to understand and honor this trait. But until then, laugh like a child, cry like a child, dance like a child, fight tirelessly like a child and be a free soul like a child.

” For The Love Of A Son ” – Inspirational and Breathtaking Read

Every image has a story to tell. I picked this book few days back and was completely taken by the cover image. “Woman behind the veil “- beautiful face with  powerful determination in those speaking  eyes. I wasn’t aware of the plot of this novel so I picked this one just by looking at the cover image. And I must say every single vibe revealed through the image does complete justification to the story and journey of the protagonist in the novel
.IMG_20160113_024143 (2)
The hardship, struggle, pain and emotional turbulence suffered by a mother ” For the love of a Son”.  When I read the complete novel then I realized  that nothing can be perfect than this image to depict the boundless emotions and suffering of a mother, for the quest of her child stolen by his own father.
A strong headed young afghan woman who never bent down before the unacceptable circumstances developed in the soil of the land where she is born,  made to suffer the unimaginable physical and mental torture by her own husband.  The only hope of survival, her baby is also snatched by her husband.  A mother’s quest for her stolen child and hatred for the beast of her life is completely justified by that powerful note of determination expressed through the image.  I don’t know how far I have succeeded to depict the emotion and struggle of the warrior woman through my sketch, but it is necessary for me to do. Because I really can’t hold myself to do this once I read through the breathtaking struggle and survival hardship of a woman  who is truly inspirational.
It’s really inspiring the way she lives her life on her own terms and conditions in an independent manner. But the challenges which life unfolded before her, sometimes scares me. It’s not possible for any ordinary soul to face the unbearable circumstances which life developed before her. A woman as a wife can handle and accept the rejection and abuse by her husband, but it’s the toughest pain for a mother to face the abuse and rejection by her child. For more than twenty years she suffers the pain to know about the well-being and whereabouts of her stolen baby and when the young boy finally appeared before her, one can never imagine the ground of hatred, negativity, revenge and filthiness cultivated in the innocent mind by the father for his mother. For the love of son she again suffers every torment by her own son to every possible extent that can be bear upon, but finally releases him to go on his own path rather than making him a part of her existing world, for the sake of it.
Extraordinary courage of the woman to face every extraordinary challenge of her life makes her confident, fearless and tough. But no mother’s heart is such strong to bear the extreme hatred and rejection by her own child. Maybe the pain can be overlooked from the beautiful face but it is impossible to overlook the wounded soul. We will ask for similar strength and courage from almighty,  but there is also another truth that ” we will never want her story to be ours…”, rightly said by the author. Because if we will succeed to face it, it will nearly be impossible to prevent ourselves from the injuries which will remain forever till the last breath.
One of the best read that justifies and dignifies the Unconditional  Love of Mother towards her Child.


“We all live with a lot of apprehensions about ourselves. Yes, we do!”

Recently, I got an opportunity to mentor a child through Green Batti project, initiated by Social Quotient.  I was pretty impressed with myself regarding my decision.

A general interaction / ice breaking session was organized for us before actually moving deep into the program. I was on time at the mentioned venue, waiting for my mentee. I was completely prepared and confident to use all my skills to guide and mentor a child. And finally she came, a 13 year old girl child currently studying in standard IXth.  With a cheerful and confident face, she took the seat beside me, on the bench where I was sitting. At that moment I realized it was not her but I, who was a bit hesitant to start the conversation. Her smiling and confident face however, broke the self generated perceptions of mine and I initiated the conversation.  We both introduced ourselves to each other. I admit that if she wouldn’t had been so much happy and excited about our interaction, I would have to double my efforts to develop the bonding between us. I told her about my profession and the other activities that keep me occupied.  Very proudly, I announced that I am also involved in teaching. But in the next second that innocent child said, “Didi, I also teach children, spoken English. Two aunties from my neighbor also come to get taught by me.”  I was speechless in that moment, perhaps amazed and was looking straight at her. Finding my attention she continued, “ Six to eight in the evening I teach children, then after my prayers. I like to help my mother to prepare the dinner for all of us. My sisters also teach students from our locality.”  I was quiet. Although I was well aware of the socio-economic background of the kids enrolled under the project, I was totally grasped by the narration of that little girl. I asked her what did her  father do. She told me about her father’s profession. And at that moment, I felt lucky and fortunate to be the part of her life for a small duration in my life, I still feel the same. Being a mentor, I have to try my best to reach upto what has been expected out of me, and be an inspiration and a guide in her life, one who can push her to identify her strengths and can ensure that she makes all possible steps towards the limitless sky. But for now, unknowingly though, she has helped me to identify the myself better and understand my possibilities. My work  to infuse inspiration in her is yet to began, but certainly, she has inspired me.

Before leaving, she tied a hand-made band on my wrist, a gesture embarking a new bond.

“Didi, Few days back Raksha Bandhan was there, I made some bands for my brothers. Then why not for a sister? This one is for you.”

Nothing else to say……I just wish and hope that I succeed to preserve the promises of the newly formed bonding.