Perks of Uncertainties !

This is a long pending story waiting to be documented since a long time. This phase of Covid has taught different people different things. I guess everyone has one of their own stories to share. I don’t have any such story to share, maybe the circumstances where I landed upon revealed out my own traits andContinue reading “Perks of Uncertainties !”

More than love!

I found this beautiful piece on Social Media and I could help myself from sharing. In my last post, I shared about ” Love “, and so is this one. I believe the whole beauty is in the tenderness and compassion of the heart. A heart in love can fall in Prayer and Praise. “LoveContinue reading “More than love!”

” Some long lasting impressions “

I was dying to write this, even before I finished this book. Usually, it doesn’t happen with me. I take my own comfortable time to articulate anything that I write, but this time it was different. I felt that if I fail to pen my feelings down at this very moment, I won’t be ableContinue reading “” Some long lasting impressions “”