Daily Prompt: Above

When I go through the word “Above“, there is a feeling of divine presence because we normally connect the divine presence somewhere at the highest point in the Universe.            I feel if we are really connected to the divine presence in our heart even with a single stretch, a lotContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Above”

The Choice of Love over Hate !

It is almost eight months since my last visit to Kashmir and I still could not get over the emotions and love which I got from the people over there.  Obviously how could I, when my chat box is still filled with all the images of apples and plums from the orchards of Kashmir. IContinue reading “The Choice of Love over Hate !”


Sometimes its difficult to judge and define the choice of right and wrong. Might be possible that we fail to fall on the scale of expectations of others in making those decisions. We might not be able to full fill those expectations because we are not made to do so. In such situations, its better to follow our heart and prevent at least one life from being imprisoned.

This story is about a girl and her choice to be herself in life. She never realized that she was born to be free until the suffocation of her new journey started making her breathless. At this point of time she took a decision which might seems impulsive and brutal to others but it is better to take such decisions, at times when so many lives are entangled with us. Make ourselves free , other knots will automatically loosen up and become simpler.


Mom… What do you want? I don’t know dear, I am quite disturbed. I am not able to figure out what’s it about, but I am very much upset. I feel like leaving this crowd and go reside some place else for 10-15 days. Mom! What are you talking about? Everything will be fine. You are worriedContinue reading “” WHERE DOES HAPPINESS LIES “”