Daily Prompt: Above

When I go through the word “Above“, there is a feeling of divine presence because we normally connect the divine presence somewhere at the highest point in the Universe.            I feel if we are really connected to the divine presence in our heart even with a single stretch, a lot of emotions will flow automatically with the mention of the word “ Divine”. It’s a very pure and raw emotion that comes straight from the heart without any rational interpretation of the mind.  Perhaps that’s why it is said “When there is battle between the mind and the heart, follow heart”, because it never misguides you. The path of the heart may seem illogical to follow sometimes and may be difficult to travel by , but there is the presence of utmost peace and purity in the thoughts that the rationalization of the mind is no longer functional after some time. It leads us to a way where we are supposed to be by the Divine plan. A balanced mind gives the proper approach to travel the way that the Blissful Heart decides to follow. We are asked to control the thoughts of mind; maybe not to control but to align them in a constructive manner because mind has interpretation of everything and anything that get converted into thoughts. Some of them act like guide while some may act like poison.  I believe that’s the time when the divine interpretation comes into picture; when you are connected to this energy, it will guide you from engulfing the poison. This interpretation comes from the voice of the heart; the choice is always ours. 

via Daily Prompt: Above


The Choice of Love over Hate !

It is almost eight months since my last visit to Kashmir and I still could not get over the emotions and love which I got from the people over there.  Obviously how could I, when my chat box is still filled with all the images of apples and plums from the orchards of Kashmir. I spent some 6-7 days among those girls of Kashmir . I could feel that sense of belonging. It felt to me very easily that all they wanted was peace and their freedom like people in other part of country. Normal people would expect to treated as any other normal human being . Well, while browsing through those messages , a thought just came into my mind that a little approach can change a lot of things. It can be easily passed by and taken as a regular chat but I believe this small gesture means a lot to change few perceptions. Why do we cultivate so much of hate when there is an option of love and affection. I never thought that in this age when people hardly care about neighbors , I would get daily well wishes from those girls with whom I spent few days. Since there were lot of regional and cultural differences among us, so I was bit apprehensive about my acceptance among them. Well, those days were no less than a family treat and even after I have returned to my place, I could still feel those affection in their messages.  I am unable to acknowledge every message but still it is treated without any offence, so unlike most of us.

Accept somebody without any judgment and prejudices and it plays a positive note on mind. We learn to hate and judge very easily but do not take the stand to love someone. Nurturing negativity can obviously destroy many things. Acceptance without any judgement is the most important part and I am privileged to be the part of that circle. Although I was a guest in their house but the love and affection which is still there in those voice seem like I did some honor. This feeling is amazing.

Today we are living in the land where value of land is much more valuable the human lives. Kashmir is one of those worst affected areas. The normal human lives are torn apart between two different lands.  Such lives need acceptance and love rather than pre-conceived notions and isolation. Only land itself is not important , rather the people inhabiting those land are more valuable. Those who have to fight the battle on the field are doing so, to prevent the harmony of the country   , but we can also fight the battle against the hate by mutual acceptance.


Mom… What do you want?

I don’t know dear, I am quite disturbed. I am not able to figure out what’s it about, but I am very much upset. I feel like leaving this crowd and go reside some place else for 10-15 days.

Mom! What are you talking about? Everything will be fine. You are worried about the wedding, aren’t you? Don’t worry brother will find his happiness. No need to stress yourself this much.Just look at you!

I just want to leave the place for a few days, but I’m worried who’ll take care of your Dad in my absence.

Mom! Please shut up!! Go for your yearly check up this time, you are delaying it unnecessarily.

I have no lust for these materialistic things, but still, I don’t know what’s turning me off…

Yes..that’s the problem. You get the correct point. You are a saint. Don’t know why? You are superb, smart, beautiful,intelligent and independent woman. We all love you so much. Daddy cares for you endlessly then what’s drawing you out.(Somewhere she could relate this scenario to herself, in spite of everything, she too sometimes felt as if should runaway from everything. Where? She hardly had an idea. But then, why she is worried when it’s her mother who is feeling the same? Sometimes she wishes to tell her mom that “It’s your life, you have devoted your every single second of your life thinking about us , now if you want to do anything just for you, then we have no right to stop you.”)                                             Mom…don’t worry, this time I will come home and take you to some of the good places wherever you want. Promise. Wait for a month.

Yes..yes..Don’t worry. I am Ok. Take care of yourself.

Bye Mom…

After few years…

How are you Mom???

I am very well. How are you???

I am very great. Everything is going well. How is Brother? Did you talk to him this morning?

Yes, he is perfectly fine. Enjoying the new role of his life. You know how attached to his children he is.

Yes, yes, of course I know. And How is Daddy ..good?? Thesis, books, seminars, conferences ..he must be as usual engaged with his daily routine – walk, paper, books, studies…But touch wood it’s good he is enjoying his own company unlike me. Mom? Are you there? What happened?

Life is strange. Everything is useless. When you need your loved ones most, they are not with you.


Yes, I miss each one of you. But it’s fine. You people have your own lives. This is only life.

Mom! you are so well read, a professor, smart, one of the few person in the world who did almost everything in their life, they wished for. You did it against all the odds, and still you are so drained; why?

You will not understand…

Mom, please stop thinking about all of us every time. Just start giving time to yourself now. Please!

I am fine. Ok, listen daddy has talked to one family….

Stop! Stop! No! Please!


Mom. I don’t want that.

What do you want then??

Nothing, I just want to remain as I am.

But this is important in life dear.

For what? Society?

No! for us. We are not there with you, to take care of you.

Please… You people will be forever with me. So don’t say that. Ok? And if it’s anyone who has to go early it will be me.

Stop! Say something good.

Few months passed.

Mom!! It’s you who always start this.

But marriage is necessary dear!

Mom, I don’t know. I don’t know if I will ever be ready for it or not. As for now I am extremely happy. After sometime I will engage myself in something else.World is full of work and surprises. I will never be alone, don’t worry.

What’s your problem?

My problem is… I don’t want you all to go under the same stress. You know me very well, I will never be able to find my match. So chill, relax!

But, your daddy will retire in few years.

Then good! you take VRS and shift with me.We all will live together.

You are impossible.

No, I am very much possible and sensible. Ok, Ok, we will talk later. Take care.

Door rings…

Mummy! How are you? Where is daddy? Study room?

Yes of course….tea?

As usual you will put lots of milk in it.I will make it myself..wait!

No, I don’t like your black tea.

Mom… Come with me. there is no one to take care of you both.

But we are perfectly fine and I have 6 more years of my service.

How long do you wish to work?? (How dumb of she! it’s her passion, driving force of her life,How can she even think of it)

I am happy here. Here is our society, people know us over here.They have always been nice to us.

Ok fine! Don’t come.But I will never stop trying.

Year passed by..

Mom…how was your event? Rocking, right?

It was good.

You seem tired.

Yes, just exhausted. Body doesn’t support much..

Mom… Shall I say something? Please come to me.Do whatever you want to do over here.

Why you become so restless. I am fit and fine so is your daddy.And you know the climate is awesome over here.I won’t be able to find all this in your city.

Uff mom! Your mountains, hills, plants, garden, and your own handmade tea! You just keep putting down my idea because of all these things. I will have your tea daily..promise!



Why are you turning my mother!


Means, relax dear.Life is like this only.You spend your entire life caring about the loved ones, never get the time to think about oneself. I am fit and healthy. I am enjoying this stage of life with your daddy. We will call you whenever we need you. You enjoy your beautiful life. We are just happy and content with it.

She understood that now its the time to let her mother give her own comfortable space to let her do things in her own way, detached from all the worries which she had shared with her daddy all these years.

She left her mother’s home after few days but content and happy. She was Content with the happiness which she found between her father and mother and the way they are leading their lives enjoying each other’s company and fulfilling every small dreams which was lost somewhere in the last several years. She smiled and flew towards her city but the memories which she captured in the last few days where enough to keep her calm and composed for the rest of her years in life. Continue reading