The City of Dreams!

Not Just any other City … Mumbai is not just any other city for me. There are many cities in India, but I don’t think any other city would have given the same warmth and protection to grow and nurture, as this city had given. It’s been a year since I left the city, butContinue reading “The City of Dreams!”


There is one person that always reverberates with a child’s heart is his/her Mother. Does not matter you are angry or happy, she comes first. This is an effortless bonding without the demand of any input from either side. As a person, I learnt to dream through her stories. With passage of time the shapesContinue reading “PIECE OF HEART”


We have entered the tenth day of the Dussehra Festival after celebrating 9 days of the feminine energy and strength. The grace of the feminine strength is one of the most appealing aspect of any individual. Because it is always nurturing and compassionate. There is also a compassion in the fierce form of the GoddessesContinue reading “Feminine!”

Perks of Uncertainties !

This is a long pending story waiting to be documented since a long time. This phase of Covid has taught different people different things. I guess everyone has one of their own stories to share. I don’t have any such story to share, maybe the circumstances where I landed upon revealed out my own traits andContinue reading “Perks of Uncertainties !”

Unprecedented Times!

This Post is originally published at Honestly, I never thought of myself being in this situation where presently I am. It’s close to 6 weeks now since I landed in New Delhi and four days later the day I  landed, the nation went under lockdown. So, for the last 40 days, I am inContinue reading “Unprecedented Times!”

More than Love!

This poetic stanza is one of the most amazing and purest form of definitions of love that I came across. “Love” that is no longer a bondage but crossed all the limitations. Love which cannot be denied! Such excerpts can only be felt and shared but difficult for articulation. The truth of ” love” willContinue reading “More than Love!”


This post took longer than necessary to post because I was really skeptical about posting this very personal space of my feelings. But I feel that the unsaid and uncelebrated work of people around us which we take as granted must be said and celebrated. So, here it is.  I guess I have never realizedContinue reading “Unsaid…..”

A Dive into the Life !

Its been a long time since I was planning to dive deep into the sea and have a close look at the World inside the blue waters of the Ocean. There are layers of water above the surface and so there are layers of water beneath the surface. And I found the hidden jewel ofContinue reading “A Dive into the Life !”

Little Lives….But far ahead than us !

There is nothing much in this piece because what I wanted to express cannot be articulated. We get inspired by many people around us but the biggest inspiration is nature herself, that shares fragrance and beauty with us for all the mud which we give it to its roots.
So here it is , something which i really wanted to share but did not have the articulation….